Technical Officials

All swim meets, including SOPAC club nights, are run by qualified volunteer officials; these people are parents and past parents / supporters of the club. For times achieved at all meets to be valid it is a requirement that qualified technical officials be present and performing their roles.


Parents are called upon each club night to time keep. If your child is swimming you need to assume that your name is on the roster to help out. If you cannot perform your time keeping duty it is up to you to find someone to replace you.


Being a technical official allows you to have the best seat in the house with a pool deck view of all swimming. We encourage parents to become accredited in as many technical roles as possible. It may be that you find you love it and aspire to being FINA accredited or maybe you are just happy to become qualified and help at club nights.


Please respond to calls for qualifications and join the fantastic team of officials at SOPAC.


For more information on technical qualifications, you can find information here.


Time Keeping

All parents will be required to time keep at club nights, SOPAC Meets and external meets. It is essential that this role is performed diligently as a wrong or slow press of the button can mean the difference between a swimming swimming a PB or qualifying time. Some simple steps are:

As the swimmer approaches the 15metre mark move to the edge of the pool, pick up the time keeping button and stand on the edge of the pool, (do not stand on the black strip at the top of the touch pads; you will set it off)
Watch the swimmer as they come towards you. When the swimmer goes under the flags turn your eyes to the wall, so you are looking straight down the wall.
Press the button the moment any part of the swimmer's body hits the wall.
Return the time keeping button to the stand and take your seat

NB: Timekeepers will need to pay attention to the distance of the race and count laps so that you know when to stand up for the finish of the race.

Using phones is not allowed on pool deck.


SOPAC is a club that takes safe sport very seriously and it is for that reason parents are asked to obtain and submit to the SOPAC Secretary your Working With Children Check.