Meet Day


Things to pack? 
At least 2 towels, gear to put on in between races to keep warm.  If the meet is outside bring foldable chairs, picnic blankets, hats and sunscreen. Make sure you pack a small esky of snacks so you can graze on nutritious food through the day.


Where to sit? 
The SOPAC Team usually sits together.  When you arrive at the carnival look for the SOPAC banner or a team of people.


When to arrive? 
The warmup time will be advertised on the meet program. Arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to that time so you are ready for warm up. If you are competing in longer events (e.g., Metro & State) speak to your coach about when they would like you to arrive for warm up; typically, this is 2 hours prior to the published start of your race on the timeline.


Warm Up?  
A coach or senior member of the club will warm up the team of swimmers at the event.


What to wear? 
Formal SOPAC Club t-shirt or a rep shirt if you have one. Bring along your Team SOPAC swimming cap to wear.


Coach Check In?

Upon arrival at the pool all swimmers should check in with their coach so that they are aware of their arrival and can organise warm up.  Every swimmer should see their coach with plenty of time prior to their race and required marshalling time for a race plan. Each swimmer should see their coach immediately after the race where practical for a debrief. The swimmer will then be encouraged to warm down before eating and then seeing their parents. Please also see your coach before you leave the meet so that they are aware of your departure. Before you leave ensure you thank some of the volunteer officials for their work on the day.


Supporting the team?  
We encourage everyone to cheer for all swimmers and especially for fellow SOPAC team members.  We expect exceptional sportsmanship and respect from all swimmers and parents.


Time Keeping and Technical Officials

At all meets SOPAC Swim Club will be expected to provide 1 – 3 timekeepers for the duration of the event. All parents will be expected to do a timekeeping allocation. Prior to the meet the SOPAC Time Keeping Co-ordinator will send out a roster or a “Sign-Up Genius” for parents to choose a timeslot. If parents do not choose a slot will be allocated. If you cannot perform your timekeeping duty it is your responsibility to find a replacement or to swap.